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Tower Leasing

The ARX Difference

Customer demands for wireless coverage, capacity and services are exponentially increasing throughout Asian developing markets. To keep up with the soaring peace, Service Providers need strong partners who can help them navigate through the complexities of establishing and managing a nationwide infrastructure of appropriately located towers. ARX is that strong partner. With our unmatched skill sets and experience, excellent quality, and a proven record of success, we can help you grow your business by satisfying your infrastructure needs.

We offer  you simpler budgeting through a tailored payment plan for the term of the lease - a safeguard for your cash flow and cash reserves, a faster time to market, and communication infrastructure when you need it and not when you can afford to build them. And the best...we take the risk for the tower site. With the advantages at hand, we are confident that our Tower Leasing Service will make a difference on your bottom line and quality of your service.

ARX Tower Infrastructure

Below are just a few of our Tower Leasing Services:

  • Lease Rental - Our Lease Rental option allows you the immediate use of our equipment and the ability to upgrade with none of the depreciation costs associated with cash purchase
  • Master Lease - If you expect multiple installations over a period of time, this form of lease allows you to sign a single agreement and pay just one Direct Debit instead of several different ones

Cost Per Unit - You want to free up your resources from day-to-day operation and maintenance work on your tower infrastructure? Consider our Cost Per Unit option. A great way of focusing on the most important part of your business - your customers - our Cost Per Unit option provides you with a single bill including the machine cost, maintenance and all the required supplies as well as giving you the ability to easily measure the usage of the equipment.

Did we mentioned that we specialize in difficult to build areas and provide multiple options to fit your needs. If we do not have communication tower infrastructure in an area of your interest, we are happy to discuss developing it for you under a Build-to-Suit agreement. Check out our Site Development Service for further information, or, Contact Us to discuss a holistic solution for your needs.